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Hey! I usually make some video, but i wasn't in the mood today, and i had no free time, my final tests are coming. =D Last night, I was searching some apps for my pc like Photoscape, but there isn't a version for mac pcs. So i found some really good photo editing sites!

Pixlr: I know this one since last year, there are various editors in this site. All of them are Pixlr's. Use Pixlr Express to make overllaping photos, bokeh, light painting, etc. I think this is the best of pixlr's. And there is the app for ios and android! And Pixlr-o-matic is good too.

PicMonkey: Sometimes it is easier than Photoshop, and this site is... beautiful. There are lots of tools, like blemish fix and wrinkle remover, spray tan, vintage effects (i've seen a lot of those in Tumblr photos), photos collage and overllaping photos (you can use any other photo you have to overllap, if you want). It alost replaces Photoscape, because Picmonkey doesn't have a  gif creator.

IPiccy: Almost the same of PicMonkey. It's just a less... beautiful version. But it has some other things.

Taaz: Virtual makeover. Really really good!

So that's it! Enjoy your sunday night =)

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